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At precision detail our leather restoration service is available at a great competitive price, with our team still serving a job finished to perfection. Nearly all leather, vinyl car interiors will suffer some degree of damage or wear over the years. Drivers seats are particularly prone to premature fading and wearing on the side bolsters due to the constant rubbing effect caused by simply getting in and out of the car.

Other common problems our interiors suffer through their daily use are, scratches, cuts, scuffs, holes,  due to clothing zips, buckles and studs, colour transfer mainly noticed on light coloured leather a tinge of dye left from jeans which everyday solutions  cannot resolve. All our products and experience speak for themselves, a full process start to finish leaves your interior looking and feeling as fresh as new.

Leather Restoration Process:

Interior is fully inspected any repairs needed are noted and all necessary products are to hand, The cleaning begins with any dirt, grime, oils, worn and tired looking coatings of dye are removed from the leather grain to ensure the interior is fully prepped and ready for any repairs to be done. All colours are mixed on board our vehicles to guarantee a perfect match, an airbrush is then used to ensure a perfect and even finish once dry the desired lacquer is used to seal and protect the repair once fully dry interior can be used as per normal to save all customers time and the hassle of no vehicle for long periods of time.

Repairs can take as little as 45 minutes to up to 3-5 hours depending on damage and customer requirements.

Please call for free quotations on any repair also with viewing prior to booking.

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