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Selling your car or wanting to keep your pride and joy looking pristine but the small damage on the bumper could devalue or let your vehicle down. Prices starting from as little as £50 a corner bumper scuff is on average saving you 40% as to what a body shop would charge and also saving you a lot of time as this service from Precision Detail is also available at your home, work or desired place repairs can be carried out in 1 - 2 hours leaving you with a great finish.

Minor repairs professionally undertaken using solvent based paints and a high gloss clear coat always leaves all our repairs looking perfect, as many out there use water based base coats and clear coats which affect the repair eventually loses colour and becomes very dull.

No need to lose your car for many days at the body shop,  making insurance claims or buying expensive bumper when us at precision detail can repair your scuffed cracked bumper whether it be a standard textured finish or a colour coded painted finish all can be done at your convenience  saving time and money.

Free quotations and viewing of all jobs is given with an agreed price before start of work.

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